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We manufacture premium quality products for chronic ailments. We strongly believe in the Ayurvedic principle “Prevention is better than cure”.

Committed to Health Excellence


Helping people live hale and hearty, using nature’s healing power


To grow the herbal way, and always remain a trusted member of the global healthcare family


Adaptability ~ Equality ~ Quality ~ Trustworthiness

Modern Technology meets Ancient Medicine

At every stage of our processes, from research and planning products, design of our production facilities, procuring raw material, production and marketing, we ensure a professional approach that ensures we are providing the finest possible products and services.


100% Ayurvedic

All our products are made of natural herbs. Great care is taken to eliminate microbes and contaminants from each phase of production. At each stage, the products are tested for quality and stability.


No Side-Effects

Treating the very fundamental cause of disease rather than addressing just the symptoms is what Ayurveda expounds.


Clinically Tested

Our products are clinically tested in Govt. approved hospitals under the strict supervision of medical professionals and the clinical studies are listed with CTRI. The trials of some of our products are published in highly reputed International Medical Journals.

Dr. Bhatt was highly respected in India and abroad for his knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of alternative system of medicines and his contribution is outstanding. He has written articles and conducted many seminars on Ayurveda.

His expertise, insight and wisdom contributed significantly to the development of exports market for Welex’s Ayurvedic herbal supplements in South East Asia, Western Europe, U.S.A. etc

Late Dr. Y. C. Bhatt


Miracle In Health

  • Putting nature’s healing power to work for you
  • Time-tested herbal supplements manufactured with the finest cutting-edge production technology.
  • Strict adherence to international quality standards
  • Safe and efficacious
  • A trusted name in the arena of herbal healthcare

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